Due to the recent difficulties in travel, we provide a physical presentation option (not mandatory) for all accepted papers of 2020 at PG 2020+2021 in Wellington. As such, only those authors presenting in 2021 will be required to pay for registration.

Note that, to help cover publication costs, we will charge a small publication fee for accepted papers in 2020. Please visit this page to process your payment.

Te Papa – Our Venue

We knew right away that Te Papa was the best fit for Pacific Graphics 2020. It sits right at the heart of Wellington’s waterfront and provides several large rooms, lecture halls, in-house cafe’s, resting areas, and more that are perfect for a conference. 

But, beyond that, the conference areas are only the top floor of Te Papa. Below the conference area is the rest of Te Papa, a museum that boasts numerous and marvellous exhibits, featuring larger-than-life World War 2 sculptures made by  Weta Workshop , winners garments from the  World of Wearable Art , and much more. 

So, when you need to take a break from the conference, a small world of our history and culture is only a short elevator ride away.

What to Expect

Our venue has a large theater, a number of smaller conference rooms, and even an in-house cafe just downstairs from the main conference area.

The setup at Te Papa is a perfect for our conference – the theater is a great fit for the core research presentations, the smaller rooms provide a friendly environment for discussion in smaller groups, and the cafe and exhibits downstairs are great for individual chats.

Furthermore, there are plenty of nooks both inside and outside of the venue that provide a great getaway space when quiet time is needed.

Image Credits: © Te Papa Venues, including Michael Hall and Amanda Rogers.

Wellington – Our City

Wellington is known as the coolest little capital of the world!

Check out the video here for a quick introduction.

And also check out some of the attractions shown in the images below. Most of these are a stone’s throw away from Te Papa.

Greater Wellington

The adventure doesn’t stop near Te Papa. The wider Wellington area offers both urban and country-style scenery. If you can find time to enjoy a day off in Wellington, you can take it easy and enjoy the local restaurants, partake in our vibrant night-life that touches the sea-side, or even head off for a trekking adventure. And yes, there are plenty of sheep!

Our Culture – Aotearoa, New Zealand

New Zealand is the name we use in English, but Aotearoa is the name of our country in Māori, the language of our indigenous people.

The meaning of the name Aotearoa is the “land of the long white cloud” – and it’s not hard to see why when you fly into our country. You can often see thick white clouds sprawling across mountains, fjords, and even beachsides when its a cold morning.